Meet yourself!


Do you feel there is more in you than is coming out?
Are you tired of constantly running into yourself?
Do you want to be more confident in yourself?
Do you long to realize your dreams?

We are convinced that knowing yourself is the first step to change and the basis for personal growth. Knowing who you really are and want to be on the inside helps you to live and work happier and can save you a lot of unpleasant experiences. You will receive this self-insight through the coretalents analysis.

"Knowing yourself the basis for personal growth!"

You will receive this self-insight through the coretalents analysis.

  • It reflects your personal characteristics, your nature, and your character.
  • You discover what you naturally need to enjoy doing things.
  • It shows what you are all about and is, therefore, developable.
  • You get to see the things you don't need to focus your attention on.
  • You know for the rest of your life what motivates you intrinsically and what does not. What gives you energy or costs you energy.


  • it increases your self-confidence
  • it helps you embrace and accept yourself
  • there will be more understanding from you to your environment and vice versa
  • it helps you take action to realize what you really want
  • it ensures that you dare to make choices without hesitation on the solid basis of your core talent constellation

What is a coretalents analysis?

In the coretalents analysis, we go back to what you did in your childhood (ages 4-12) and how much you liked it. This is not about whether you did it often or if you were good at it. 

With the coretalents analysis you get to your core, to who you really are inside. Pure and without judgment.

23 Coretalents are examined to see how strong they are in your nature. This gives you insight into your nature/character, potential and intrinsic motivation. And in your energy givers and energy consumers.

You only do a coretalents analysis once in a lifetime.
After all, the outcome applies to the rest of your life.

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Why Talentizer?


With a wealth of practical experience in various sectors and industries, with Talentizer you are assured of professional guidance based on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise.

Qualified & certified

Our coretalents analysts are officially qualified and certified by Coretalents. This ensures the highest quality and reliability in performing coretalents analysis and coaching.

Personal attention

At Talentizer, you are our focus. We listen to you and think along with you. Whether the coretalents analysis can mean something to you, for example, and how. Have you already done a coretalents analysis? Then you can also contact to us.  

Want to know more?

Do you want to know if the coretalents analysis could really be for you?
Have you already done coretalents analysis and want to take this further?
Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to take the time for you.