Why do organizations choose the core talents method?

In a world where talent management is crucial to finding and keeping the right people in the right place, the core talent method is enjoying increasing interest and deployment from a variety of organizations.

The method stands out as a unique approach to gaining deep insight into the nature, potential and intrinsic motivation of people.

Vooruitstrevende organisaties kiezen voor de kerntalentenmethode o.a. om de volgende redenen:

  1. Deep insight: Where other methods can be superficial, the core talent method digs deeper - going back to a person's playing behavior between the ages of four and twelve. This provides a unique and nuanced picture of a person's nature, potential and intrinsic motivation.
  2. Lifetime relevance: Unlike assessments that require regular updates, the results of a coretalents analysis last a lifetime. Invest once and reap the benefits of your insights for years to come.
  3. Strategic Human Resources Planning: Whether you want to hire, promote, or support someone in their professional development, the Core Talent Method provides the crucial foundation for making these decisions with confidence and accuracy.
  4. Optimize team dynamic: Understand the unique talents within your team and how they are complementary. Create teams that are both harmonious and highly productive.
  5. Reduce costs: Avoid the high costs of improper hiring and staff turnover by making the right decisions from the start.
  6. Increase job satisfaction Employees who work in roles that align with their coretalents are happier, more engaged and more productive. This leads to a more positive work culture and better business results.


"Know your organization's DNA."

Every organization strives to get the best out of its people. The core talents method is not just another tool, but an investment in the future of your organization and its employees. Make the choice for deep, lasting insight - choose the core talents method.

Kerntalenten praktisch toegepast

Talentizer has been working for years with various organizations in business and government to accomplish the above.

We have extensive experience with the topics listed below, among others. If you have questions about specific applications, feel free to contact us!

The basis of every course is always coretalets discovery.

Selection of new candidates

Besides a resonating CV and excellent interviews, as an organization you want to know to what extent the candidate has the appropriate (core) talents and what someone's potential is. We translate the job profile into the required coretalents and advise.

Optimizing teams

Perfect for management teams, teams involved in innovation, product development teams, customer teams, etc. Recognize the potential within the team and optimize leveraging the talent present and/or expand your team with the people who match. 


Wanneer medewerkers solliciteren op interne vacatures of wanneer je overweegt iemand door te laten groeien binnen de organisatie is het van belang om te weten of iemand over de passende (kern)talenten beschikt voor deze functie. Talentizer geeft je graag de antwoorden.

Outflow of employees

Parting is sometimes inevitable and can be unpleasant for all parties. Give your people additional perspective by having their core talent constellation examined. Clear insights and clear advice.

Re-integratie na burn-out of bore-out

When someone returns to work (partially) after a burnout or boreout, it is important to have suitable work. Doing the same work for fewer hours as before the burnout/boreout does not lead to the desired result in almost all cases. Having work that requires less effort is more likely to worsen the symptoms and delay recovery. Get advice from Talentizer on what work does fit and under what circumstances.


Also in 1st or 2nd track reintegration we always start first with the coretalents analysis. This is the foundation for the rest of the process and the future of your employee. This is followed by a minimum of 5 and usually a maximum of 10 coaching sessions. During these sessions your employee will work on subjects such as who am I, what can I do, job market orientation, presenting himself and applying for a job. 

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