about coretalents

What are coretalents?

Coretalents reflect your nature/character as well as your potential and your intrinsic motivation.

Coretalents tell you who you are/want to be by nature. And also what you are naturally gifted for and therefore developable. In short, what motivates, challenges, and drives you.

You get to know your energy givers as well as your energy consumers. You know your risks of burn-out and bore-out.

Of 23 coretalents, it examines how strong they are naturally in you.

You only do a coretalents analysis once in a lifetime.
After all, the outcome applies to the rest of your life.

"Discover what motivates, challenges and drives you!"

Coretalents and competencies.

Coretalents are your nature + potential + intrinsic motivation.
Competencies are about knowledge + skills + attitude.

Coretalents are not about what you can do or what you are good at. Coretalents, however, can be developed and become competencies through experience and education, for example.

Developing coretalents that are not strong adds little and costs you a lot of effort. Therefore, it is crucial that you focus on developing your strong coretalents. After all, that is where you get your pleasure and satisfaction.


No color, no type, no box

You are authentic and unique. No color, no type and cannot be pigeonholed. The coretalents analysis gives you a total and complete picture of your personality. You are not compared to others or to certain predefined types, colors etc.

So, this is one of the main differences compared to other methods.

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Your childhood, your source

In the coretalents analysis, we go back to what you did in your childhood (ages 4-12) and how much you liked it. This is not about whether you did it often or if you were good at it. It is further crucial that it is your memory. You didn't hear it from your mother or see it in a picture of yourself.

"I don't remember much of my childhood, it was so long ago."  is a common response. Once we start the coretalents analysis, people are often surprised at what all the memories come up. Completing the questionnaire in advance with over 150 activities certainly helps with that.

In your childhood, you were still pure and uninhibited. You just did what you did. And once you were doing it, you didn't wonder why you were doing it. With the coretalents analysis you get to your core, to who you really are inside. Pure and without judgment.

"I really wanted to be in theater, but never did because my parents wouldn't let me." A child always finds a way to live out what he/she likes. And there are multiple ways for a child to do that.

What you can use the coretalents analysis for  

The outcome of the coretalents analysis can be applied to many different topics and questions. We also always consider what environment and context you need to be able to express your coretalents.

Background of the coretalents method

Danielle Krekels (Coretalents Belgium) discovered in 1989 what would later prove to be "coretalents. At the time, she had a thriving selection agency for which she interviewed engineers on a daily basis.

During those interviews, she often heard them make the connection between what they liked to do as children and what they did in adult time. Danielle increasingly wondered if it could be that a child does not become creative by playing with Legos but enjoys playing with Legos because they are already creative?

It was the start of 20 years of empirical research that resulted in the Coretalents method. Meanwhile, more than 400 Coretalents analysts in various countries use this powerful method, and there are 50,000 people on whom a coretalents analysis has been performed. The method has also been embraced by profit and non-profit organizations, where it significantly contributes to the implementation of HR.

Why Talentizer?


With a wealth of practical experience in various sectors and industries, with Talentizer you are assured of professional guidance based on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise.

Qualified & certified

Our coretalents analysts are officially qualified and certified by Coretalents. This ensures the highest quality and reliability in performing coretalents analysis and coaching.

Personal attention

At Talentizer, you are our focus. We listen to you and think along with you. Whether the coretalents analysis can mean something to you, for example, and how. Have you already done a coretalents analysis? Then you can also contact to us. 

This is what our clients say about us:


It is a perfect eye opener both business and personal. I would say take this opportunity to know yourself anew and make yourself stronger. Let the toppers at Talentizer help you get the best out of yourself.


Jacco is a fine conversationalist, enthusiastic, puts you at ease right away and takes his time with you. That makes for a nice and open conversation.


Ageeth was a very pleasant sparring partner during this process who challenged me to look in the mirror she held up to me. This gave me a more realistic picture of who I really can and may be.


The service Talentizer provides is very good and I would recommend it to anyone. They really take the time for you and you enjoy it for life.

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