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On this page we introduce ourselves to you. Because the coretalents analysis is very personal, we like to meet you in advance online or by phone.

Meet Ageeth

Are searching for yourself? Yearning for meaning and fulfillment? Do you want to meet yourself instead of running into yourself all the time? Do you want to make choices regarding work or study? Since 2016 I have been helping people with these kinds of questions. And always and first I start with the coretalents analysis. You have a natural foundation in yourself, on which you may and can trust and base your choices; your core talent constellation.

My work is the basis for career coaching, reintegration, and study advice, among other things. Work that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction because it gives the other person perspective, happiness, more self-confidence, and a suitable job or study.

During a period in my life when I was searching for the meaning of my existence, I came across this quote by Nelson Mandela. It became my life motto!

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we lived. It is what difference we have made to lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead”

 The positive side of my years of searching is that I have gained much knowledge and work experience in different industries and positions. Among others, healthcare, reintegration, MBO and HBO, government and commercial services.

At the time, the outcome of my own coretalents analysis made me decide to do only what suits me and gives me energy and satisfaction. I allowed myself to be who I am and see and embrace my potential. I wish the same for you! And preferably as early in your life as possible!

Meet Jacco

With more than 30 years of experience as a leader, entrepreneur, and trainer/teacher, I have gained in-depth knowledge in national and international environments. Throughout my career, I have always put people first. I firmly believe that the human factor is critical to the success of companies, teams, and startups. When people can use their talents and their needs are met, they can move mountains. Unfortunately, I also too often see the reality of untapped potential and people doing work that does not suit them, leading to exhaustion and negative consequences.

I WAS DEEPLY IMPRESSED when I was first introduced to the core talents method. It felt like an introduction to myself. It confirmed the talents that I already knew I had, gave me insights into myself, and answered long-standing questions. One of the most eye-opening discoveries was about my creativity. Although I used to hate drawing and manual labor in school and considered myself awkward, I discovered that I have strong Coretalents in the areas of "Useful creativity" and "Intellectual creativity." This insight broadened my perspective, and I consciously began to use and further develop these talents. Based on my core talent constellation, I made choices for which I am grateful today.

Within Talentizer, I advise organizations on applying the corealents method. I focus on understanding the relationship between coretalents and teams, diversity, the potential within organizations, career consulting, and leadership. I also help start-ups identify and develop talent based on coretalents.

Why Talentizer?


With a wealth of practical experience in various sectors and industries, with Talentizer you are assured of professional guidance based on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise.

Qualified & certified

Our coretalents analysts are officially qualified and certified by Coretalents. This ensures the highest quality and reliability in performing coretalents analysis and coaching.

Personal attention

At Talentizer, you are our focus. We listen to you and think along with you. Whether the coretalents analysis can mean something to you, for example, and how. Have you already done a coretalents analysis? Then you can also contact to us.  

This is what our clients say about us:


It is a perfect eye opener both business and personal. I would say take this opportunity to know yourself anew and make yourself stronger. Let the toppers at Talentizer help you get the best out of yourself.


Jacco is a fine conversationalist, enthusiastic, puts you at ease right away and takes his time with you. That makes for a nice and open conversation.


Ageeth was a very pleasant sparring partner during this process who challenged me to look in the mirror she held up to me. This gave me a more realistic picture of who I really can and may be.


The service Talentizer provides is very good and I would recommend it to anyone. They really take the time for you and you enjoy it for life.

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