Is entrepreneurship

something for you? 


Are you thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and want to know if entrepreneurship suits you? And if it does suit you, what kind of entrepreneur you are/want to be by nature? Now at the start and in the future as your business grows. 

Jacco Stolker of Talentizer -himself an entrepreneur for over 20 years- gives you that insight by means of the coretalents analysis. Then he guides you with a customized guidance program step by step to entrepreneurship.

"Entrepreneurship based on your coretalents!"

The starting point of the guidance towards entrepreneurship is always, and first, the coretalents analysis. This gives you a complete picture of who you are by nature, your potential, and your intrinsic motivation. You (re)discover whether you are an entrepreneur by nature and how you prefer to be.  

You get a complete picture of your 23 coretalents and what that means for your entrepreneurship. Among other things, we look at creativity, organization, strategic insight, entrepreneurship and risk-taking, empathy, sociability, leadership, and the coretalents related to outward appearance, such as sales and persuasion.

This gives you a concrete picture of what gives you energy and what makes you lose energy. Armed with this knowledge, we go to work to find answers to your questions about entrepreneurship. We do this in one or more coaching sessions.

If you want to start as a start-up entrepreneur, Talentizer has a customized guidance program where you get started with entrepreneurship step by step.


What does a trajectory look like?

We start with an introductory telephone conversation in which you indicate what questions about entrepreneurship you have. On the basis of this conversation, we will see if we can help you and how.

If you want to go further, the coretalents analysis follows. After the coretalents analysis, we agree with you whether you want to follow a customized guidance program and what that looks like.  

If you need more guidance after this, it is possible to schedule one or more guidance sessions. Even then we will agree in advance how many sessions that will be and what topics you want to work on.

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What does it give you?

  • A lifetime of valid and actionable insight into your personal traits and character plus what you are naturally gifted for, your potential plus what motivates you intrinsically.
  • Understanding what kind of entrepreneur you naturally want to be and don't want to be.
  • Concretely applicable answers to your entrepreneurship questions.
  • Recognize, acknowledge and utilize your strong coretalents.
  • Knowledge of the focal points that are there for you as a (future) entrepreneur and how you can work on them concretely.

What does a trajectory cost?

  • The coretalents analysis, including in-depth interview costs € 965, - excluding 21% VAT;
  • Further guidance costs € 95, excluding 21% VAT per 60 minutes.

Why Talentizer?


With a wealth of practical experience in various sectors and industries, with Talentizer you are assured of professional guidance based on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise.

Qualified & certified

Our coretalents analysts are officially qualified and certified by Coretalents. This ensures the highest quality and reliability in performing coretalents analysis and coaching.

Personal attention

At Talentizer, you are our focus. We listen to you and think along with you. Whether the coretalents analysis can mean something to you, for example, and how. Have you already done a coretalents analysis? Then you can also contact to us.  

Want to know more?

Would you like to discuss your (future) entrepreneurship and what Talentizer can do for you? Please contact us. Jacco will gladly take the time for you.