You feel energetic and look forward to going to work every day. At work, you feel like a fish in the water and enjoy what you do.

You know exactly which work naturally suits you and in which work environment you will do best.

You know your abilities and limits and how to deal with them, both at work and privately.

How easy and enjoyable would that be?

And imagine that you know exactly....

... when work and a workplace suit you.

... what you personally need to express what you have within you.

... for which you are naturally gifted and thus can develop further.

... how you can recharge yourself and prevent burn-out and bore-out.


That sounds like utopia, right?

"Discover what motivates, challenges and drives you!"

Our guidance

With our approach, the above becomes possible for you. With our approach, the above becomes possible for you.

We believe that self-knowledge is the firste step to change and is the basis for personal growth. That is why we always start with the coretalents analysis. With the coretalents analysis, you will receive concrete and applicable insights for both work and private life.

You (re)discover who you naturally really are and want to be. Complete, authentic and unique. Pure and without judgment. You gain insight into your potential and what motivates you intrinsically. You know what you naturally like to do, how you like to do it and what you need to do it. This self-insight helps you lead a happier (working) life and can save you a lot of suffering.

Have you already done a coretalents analysis with us or another recognized coretalents analyst? We would love to help you apply the outcome to your life and work!

What is a coretalents analysis?

In the coretalents analysis, we go back to what you did in your childhood (ages 4-12) and how much you liked it. This is not about whether you did it often or if you were good at it. 

With the coretalents analysis you get to your core, to who you really are inside. Pure and without judgment.

23 Coretalents are examined to see how strong they are in your nature. This gives you insight into your nature/character, potential and intrinsic motivation. And in your energy givers and energy consumers.

You only do a coretalents analysis once in a lifetime.
After all, the outcome applies to the rest of your life.


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The coretalents analysis what can you do with it?

The outcome of the coretalents analysis can be applied to many different topics and questions. We also always consider what environment and context you need to be able to express your coretalents.

We have extensive experience and expertise in individual (career) development, study choice, entrepreneurship, and application of coretalents in organizations.

In terms of individual development, we are happy to guide you on topics such as:

  • a crossroads in your life where you want to make choices
    (career, studies, personal life, etc.).
  • wanting to get out of yourself what is in you; your potential
  • understand and positively influence your work experience
  • preventing burnout and bore-out
  • new job/function within or outside current organization
  • advancement and the Peter Principle. Read more about it here.
  • career switch
  • reintegration 1st and 2nd track. Read more about it here.

Experiences with our services

Testing interim assignments against drivers and talents

Assessments, DISC, role plays, who doesn't have to deal with them in their working life? Many people so often that they are very skeptical about it. I belong(d) to this last group as well. This was a totally unknown method to me. I was curious and decided to take up this offer.

A world opened up for me!!! Amazing that this analysis is so striking. Great advantage of this method is that it is not a snapshot, but can be used throughout your life, in your work, but also in your private life.

I use the results to see if a potential assignment fits and matches my motivations and talents. This way, I take on a job with pleasure and get energy from it as well.

I am very excited about this method and have indicated to my employer that this method should become part of the hiring process. The latter is now the case.

In short: put all your skepticism aside and go for it. It will only bring gains for you!


Piet van Beurden

Advisor, Het Publieke Domein

Better understand added value.

The reason for choosing a coretalents analysis was to gain more insight into what drives me and where my passion and motivation lie. But also to understand why I got stuck in my former job, got a burn- / bore-out and how I could prevent it in the future. In preparation for the assessment, I answered questions about what I liked to do and play with as a child.

And during the meeting with Ageeth, many more long-forgotten memories from my childhood surfaced and I made contact with a very pure (and unconditioned) part of myself that I had forgotten for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised (and a little overwhelmed) when Ageeth presented the core talent profile to me: WOW is that me? Now a year later I can say YES to that and I am taking steps to create a life with more creativity, fun, balance and work that really suits me. 

A lot has happened since the analysis. The results of the coretalents analysis have helped me concretely to better understand myself and my added value. Through the (re)affirmation of my authenticity I am getting to know my own value and truth better and better and I dare to express it to the outside world. It has motivated me to realize and manifest my deepest desires. I see the report as a guide that helps me make more conscious choices and focus on what makes me a happier person. I now know where my potential lies and how I can further develop it to fulfill my ideals. This allows me to stay true to myself and be in my power. Ageeth was a very pleasant sparring partner during this process who challenged me to look in the mirror she held up to me. This gave me a more realistic picture of who I really can and may be. I am extremely happy with this great gift that I will enjoy for the rest of my life.




Ageeth came at the right time to do a Core Talent Assessment, as I was in a burn-out, and it all looked pretty hopeless. Doing the assessment made me realize that you gradually forget what is important, what you enjoyed doing, and what gave you energy as a child - this is still important. It is very nice that Ageeth works with all care and patience, sees you, and brings out the best, which made my recovery much faster, and I can confidently face the future. With the many Coretalents, I can also go in many directions, which will soon become apparent.

It may be clear that I can recommend a coretalents analysis at Talentizer to everyone; this can get you out of the stuck pattern and let you see that your base/youth is really the most important core of your talents!


Anne Marie



You can choose from several options.

- the basis is always and first the coretalents discovery.
- when add an in-depth interview to this, we refer to it as a coretalents analysis.
- If you have done a coretalents discovery/analysis, we would be happy to help you implement it.

Often, the employer pays (part of) the coretalents analysis. For example, you can make use of your personal development budget. Talentizer is happy to think about this with you.

Coretalents discovery


We map your core talent constellation through a coretalenst discovery that consists of:

Filling out an online of a questionnaire

Interview about your activities/play as a child (+/- 90 minutes)

Verbal and visual representation of your core talent constellation (+/- 30 minutes)

Comprehensive report and telephone explanation of it (+/- 20 minutes)

Debriefing approximately 2 weeks after core talent discovery (phone or video call)

Coretalents analysis


This involves all the steps of the coretalent discovery plus an in-depth interview about your life journey. 

In addition to insight into your coretalents constellation, you will also receive insight into the coretalents you have used in your life, studies, career, hobbies, etc.

This includes both the coretalents that are naturally strong and thus you enjoy doing and the coretalents that are less well suited to you and therefore cost you energy.

It focuses on those coretalents that you have developed into competencies and your potential. So what is naturally present in aptitude and what you could develop through education and work experience.


€95 per 60 minutes

If you know your core talent constellation, you can often find the answers to your questions about your choice of study, career, etc., in this yourself.

Of course, you can also contact us if you could use some help in understanding and applying your coretalents even better.

Often, 1 or 2 conversations are enough. For example, working together to relate the content of a job to your coretalents.

In another situation, a program with several sessions may be helpful. Think of a career trajectory, entrepreneurial trajectory, study choice trajectory or reintegration trajectory 1st and/or 2nd track.

We tailor the content and frequency to your demand. It is, therefore, customized.

Why Talentizer?


With a wealth of practical experience in various sectors and industries, with Talentizer you are assured of professional guidance based on a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise.

Qualified & certified

Our coretalents analysts are officially qualified and certified by Coretalents. This ensures the highest quality and reliability in performing coretalents analysis and coaching.

Personal attention

At Talentizer, you are our focus. We listen to you and think along with you. Whether the coretalents analysis can mean something to you, for example, and how. Have you already done a coretalents analysis? Then you can also contact to us.  

Want to know more?

Do you want to know if the coretalents analysis could really be for you?
Have you already done coretalents analysis and want to take this further?
Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to take the time for you.